BNCC Members in the Community

Michelle Wilson, Principal of Chelle Corporation Pty Ltd Chartered Accountants, is supporting Women’s Legal Service (a service provided to women in domestic violence situations) by signing up for the Dancing CEOs event to be held at Brisbane City Hall on 5 May 2017.  

Michelle needs your help in reaching her fundraising goal, to assist her, donations can be made via the Dancing CEOs website - you will find Michelle on the “Leaderboard” page.

Dancing CEOs is the largest annual gala held at City Hall, so if you want to attend this highly entertaining evening, tickets can also be purchased through the Dancing CEOs website.

Michelle is grateful for any donation you are able to make and appreciates your time in helping this worthy cause.

The information and offering contained in this message is provided by the BNCC as information only and has not been reviewed, endorsed or recommended by the BNCC in any way.

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