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HR and HSEQ Consulting

HR and HSEQ Consulting is an independent consultancy providing a range of human resources and health, safety, environment and quality related advisory and support services. Owned and operated by Chris Newitt and Nicola Roberts, who combined have more than 35 years of HR and HSEQ experience, with Chris having held executive level HR roles across the construction, mining, and services sectors and Nicola with HSE&Q strengths in manufacturing, electrical construction and services underpinned with auditing experience.
We commit to help small to medium business leaders develop and maintain compliant foundations to support sustainable and successful business outcomes. We will work with you to enhance employee engagement on safety and leadership driving improved productivity, company culture, and employee relations.

Chris  Newitt  has  over  25  years’  experience  in  the  fields  of  industrial  relations/  human  resource  management  at  all  levels  including,  four  years  as  a  senior  executive  of  a  major  Australia  and  New  Zealand  employer,  Thiess  Services  Pty  Ltd  and  more  recently  heading  the  Human  Capital  function  for  Laing  O'Rourke  Australia  Construction  Northern  Region  and  South  East  Asia.  

With  a  breadth  of  industry  experience  including  construction  (client  &  contractor),  coal  mining,  banking  &  insurance,  manufacturing  and  government  in  industrial  advocacy  and  enterprise  agreement  negotiations  at  both  State  and  Federal  level.  Chris  is  a  reliable  and  trusted  advisor  that  can  deliver  tangible  and  timely  results.  

Chris's  is  driven  to  deliver  the  business  strategy  and  plans  of  his  clients,  fairly,  energetically  and  relentlessly.  He  provides  straight  forward  answers  to  difficult  workplace  problems.    Chris  can  work  with  clients,  training  their  managers  to  coach  their  supervisors,  advising  with  strategy  or  technical  matters,  dealing  with  people  emergencies,  workplace  conflict,  complaints  and  investigations  in  an  honest,  open,  professional  and  empathetic  manner.

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HR and HSEQ Consulting
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