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Rose Litigation Lawyers

Innovative boutique law firm specialising in litigation, dispute resolution, corporate insolvency and bankruptcy with offices on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, Queensland.

Our firm acts in respect of all litigation and dispute resolution matters, whether they be with creditors, debtors, clients, shareholders, staff or any other third party. We provide proactive advice to you regarding your business dispute, which is upfront, direct and commercial to achieve a resolved outcome as early as possible.

Matters we frequently encounter include:
- Business disputes
- Shareholder and partnership disputes
- Contract disputes
- Leasing disputes
- Corporate insolvency and bankruptcy
- Building and construction disputes (including sub-contractor disputes)
- Defamation
- Deceased estate disputes

Our Solicitors are specialists in conducting recovery action on behalf of creditors. This includes the following:-
- Letters of demand;
- Claims and Statements of Claim in all jurisdictions;
- Statutory Demands and winding up applications;
- Lodgement of Caveats; and
- Security enforcement.

Whether you are CEO of a corporation, executor of a deceased estate, or a mum or dad, we can assist with your issue.

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