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Unified AR Pty Ltd

Making Augmented Reality Easy - Improve customer experience and engagement using highly interactive and engaging Augmented Reality marketing.

UnifiedAR is a universal DIY augmented reality platform that provides business of all shape and size the ability to engage clients with highly interactive, personalised and enriched augmented reality experiences.

It is engaging - Immerse users in your brand with augmented reality. Engage your audience by delivering video content or 3D models that are interactive and memorable.

It is interactive - Streamline the path to conversion with print media that connects directly to online channels. Send users to the point of sale, enquiry forms, landing pages and more through the call to action functionality.

It is measurable - Print media that's not only memorable but now also measurable. Find out where, when and for how long users have engaged with your brand.

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Unified AR Pty Ltd
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07 3122 2958