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Modo Coaching & Training

Evoking Curiosity | Evolving Mindset | Empowering Leaders

We offer leading-edge executive coaching and training for your professional development. What's unique about Modo is that along with our Meta-Coaching techniques, we use a proven framework, called the Enneagram, for understanding personality and the "why" we do what we do.

We address the psychology beneath behaviour, which allows us to uncover the root cause of any given problem, leading to sustainable growth, and often total transformation in our client's mindsets and behaviour.

◇ Executive Leadership Coaching
◇ Group & Team Coaching
◇ Personal Coaching
◇ Shadow Coaching

◇ Understanding People
◇ Self Awareness
◇ Emotional Intelligence
◇ Effective Communication
◇ Conflict Resolution
◇ Time Management (Which is really self-management)

I have trained with some of the world’s leading experts in the Enneagram, Meta-Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Prior to "finding myself" I had a career supporting the IT needs of global Fortune 500 companies. After spending over 10 years in the corporate environment and seeing firsthand the great potential and the challenges of human behaviour, I set out on a mission to empower individuals and leaders in their personal and professional growth.

I have travelled the world to train and be trained in a range of business and personal development areas. I believe strongly in the unlimited potential of all human beings and love working with individuals who are not afraid to look deeply within themselves - and because I am aware of the courage it takes to look within, I provide a safe coaching space without judgement, whilst still keeping it real to support your growth.

Self-identified as a Type 9 on the Enneagram, I am an accepting, reassuring and supportive Coach, and in the training room, I am skilled at harmonising groups and bringing people together. It's my vision, to see a world which holds compassion and acceptance for the disaster and delight of personality that is within us all.

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Modo Coaching & Training
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