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LA Partners - Accountants

As a Strategic Accountant in assisting businesses grow, our clients consider us a Partner in their business.

As a full service Accounting firm, following are the characteristics and expectations that describe the clients we assist:
- Looking for Accountant to play a key role in their Business Vision and Strategic Planning;
- Assist in Growing and Protecting one of their most valuable assets, "their business";
- Personalised service;
- Business meets all tax and corporate compliance obligations;
- Provide input into their business by introducing business opportunities and key relationships;
- Provide input into their personal business development as an Individual;
- Assist with Business Succession;
- Advise and assist each family member of the business with their Tax, Wealth Accumulation and Wealth Protection.

We assist our clients with accounting and tax compliance, business structuring, assist and guide with their Strategic Planning, control of financial affairs, asset protection, succession and estate planning, business expansion, financing, cash flow planning and tax planning.

Our clients consider us a Partner in their business in supporting them with all aspects of their business, including sharing their passion, strategic vision and business innovation.

See Client Stories on our website of some of the clients we work with.

If you are looking at growing your business and would like to put structure and accountability around your business vision, please call Luis Aleixo for an initial meeting to discuss your business and your aspirations.

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LA Partners - Accountants
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