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The Alternative Board Brisbane Inner North

I use my experience in business to help business owners be the best that they can be.

I found happiness and personal growth when I left a stable job as a skilled automotive diagnostician to work in the advice services industry. I did whatever it took, retrained and started a whole new career as a Financial Planner and Mortgage Broker. During this period, I also became the owner of my own financial services company and joined The Alternative Board as a member.

After six years working in finance, I found that most of the challenges people were facing were not financial at all. The financial challenges were merely a symptom of the larger issues of balancing business and personal life. Naturally I was drawn to further supporting business owners as a coach and advisor.

I had been an active member of The Alternative Board for several years and had experienced the value it provides firsthand. This was something I wanted to be a part of and therefore, I pursued becoming the owner of The Alternative Board Brisbane Inner North.

As a certified coach, I don’t tell my members what they should do, nor do I suggest that I know more than they do about their business. What my members do experience is a better way to analyse, consider and then act on challenges or opportunities they face.

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