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Belinda Shaw & Associates

Retail Recalibration is a 5 part system that when calibrated correctly assists retail bricks and mortar stores to create a Retail Model that can bring greater success and longevity.

Retail has come under fire in recent times due to higher than anticipated online consumerism (consumption), extended (but unsupported) shopping hours, and a realization that this modeling is fundamentally flawed and must be changed right now.

Belinda has developed a 5-part calibration scoreboard, that gives a store owner, Managing Director or a board of directors a guide to where their bricks & mortar store needs recalibrating.

Belinda’s greatest satisfaction comes from seeing her business clients thrive.

Belinda’s qualifications in business, master coaching and facilitation, combined with her own extensive experience including trades, arboriculture, high end global retail, enable her to quickly connect with her business clients, speak their language, and truly see the source of problem areas. Main problems for decision makers:
1. Wasting resources as they struggle to fix a surface-level issues, when the problem is actually much deeper
2. Knowing that change is necessary, but having no idea where to begin and what to do
3. Disharmony in teams and high attrition due to lack of understanding of human dynamics in the workplace.
Belinda’s communication style, and attention to what is really going on, enables her to work with key people in a business to ensure that:
1. Underlying causes of problems are identified and rectified, resulting in forward motion
2. Systems, procedures and structures are put in place, ensuring change is manageable and effective
3. Staff harmony and retention are increased, resulting in buy-in to business goals from individuals and teams.
The ultimate result of Belinda’s work is that her clients are able to achieve more, with less drama.

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Belinda Shaw & Associates
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