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Jo Hassan (formerly PinkWise)

Small Business Lifestyle Expert ♥ Speaker ♥ Coach ♥ Author ♥ Systems

According to the Bank of Queensland’s research almost 40% of business owners say they experience stress. Business burnout is the feeling of exhaustion and lack of interest in daily work, resulting in poor performance. Business owners who are burned out usually feel like they're on their own, and have to do everything themselves because they don't trust their people to be accountable for their work.

Over the last 28 years of having my own businesses including a pet resort, electrical contracting and business coaching, I understand firsthand the challenges that business owners have in trying to juggle it all. I wrote about my own journey in my new book, of not just navigating these challenges but how to overcome the balance of personal well-being and mental health as a business owner: “Full Circle: Building Resilience in Business and Life from the Jagged Edges of PTSD”.

Today, I’m a business coach and speaker and deliver group and one-on-one mentoring programs in Brisbane and Geraldton to help small business owners to:
• Increase their energy/vitality and bring balance back to their lives
• Delegate and build trust in their teams so they can have a holiday
• Implement systems and processes to remove decision fatigue
• Bring pleasure, fun and joy back into their lives for greater fulfilment and connection to themselves and their loved ones.

Clients I have worked with come from all sorts of industries including computer maintenance, retail, trades, bookkeeping, real estate, specialist solo consultants, catering, day spa, heavy equipment repair.
Some clients have said:
“Jo's enthusiasm for coaching business owners to improve their business methods and activity management shows from the moment you meet her.” - Andrew Toovey (2VNet IT Solutions)
"In a way Jo is to blame for our success." Wendy Norris (Taylored Office Solutions, GOPP & Farmer)

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Jo Hassan (formerly PinkWise)
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