Night Owls - September 2017

Night Owls - SEPTEMBER 2017

Attend this FREE networking event and be part of a dynamic and thriving business community and network.

4 September 2017

Kedron-Wavell Services Club
5.30pm - 7.30pm

FREE for BNCC Members and Guests that are attending for the first time.

Achieving Predictable Results in a Complex and Uncertain World

The world has become a much more complex world with greater uncertainty than ever before. Change is occurring at such a rapid pace that before you can take a breath the world has moved on.

In spite of this the business world screams for certainty. Investors want consistent results from public companies, voters want certainty from Governments, customers want consistent service and products from suppliers.

How does a business achieve this with so much change and complexity?

Come and learn how predictable results can be achieved in the most uncertain of times.
This month's Night Owls proudly presented by Kestrel Solutions

Come along and network with like minded people in a fun, casual environment at Kedron-Wavell Services Club.  Have a drink or simply chat, this is a great opportunity to meet new people, find suitable referral partners or direct clients needing your service.

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    Come along and network with like-minded people in a fun, casual environment at Kedron-Wavell. Have a drink and meet new people. You might even find a new supplier or client needing your service.