Night Owls - September 2018

Night Owls - SEPTEMBER 2018

Attend this FREE networking event and be part of a dynamic and thriving business community and network.

3 September 2018

Kedron-Wavell Services Club
5.30pm - 7.30pm
FREE for BNCC Members and Guests that are attending for the first time.


Peter Bailey (Qld Finance & Leasing) and Richard Comer (The Vehicle Broker) will be hosting Night Owls in September. Join us to hear the following topics discussed:

What's changed in finance    

Qld Finance & Leasing

Peter Bailey is a broker at QF&L and believes that by understanding how financier’s think when assessing a loan aplication, he is able to ensure his clients are able to borrow correctly in the first place, thereby saving them time and money.

With the recent Royal Commission into the Banking & Finance Industry resulting in a number of significant changes, this is an ideal opportunity for BNCC members to gain an insight into how some of these changes will impact their future borrowing needs.

At Night Owls Peter will
•    Tell you more about QF&L
•    Provide you with an insight into how financiers lend
•    Help you to understand some of these changes
•    Explain how to get you & your business finance ready.

How we save you time and money

The Vehicle Broker

Looking for a new car? At September Night Owls Richard Comer will explain how his business, The Vehicle Broker, can help save you time and money.

Specialising in finding new and used vehicles for individuals and business, The Vehicle Broker can help with sourcing, aftermarket concierge and financing.

Richard began his career in hospitality and worked for more than 15 years in the food and beverage industry. He moved into car sales in the late 2000’s and Richard says it was this background and combination of careers that drove him to set up The Vehicle Broker.

“I have a passion for looking after people, but I also hate seeing people get ripped off. I decided to put those two things together, and that’s how The Vehicle Broker was born."


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