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Robin Joe Kong or Joe, as he is known, is the Managing Director at Northern Business Consultants (NBC). Since the company’s commencement in 1976, the business has been firmly driven by its founder’s approach,

“If we assist you in keeping your books accurate and up to date every month, we believe we can help you grow a successful business”.

Their current approach is largely the same; they’ve remained close to their roots, they don’t run a tax factory, it’s not about the numbers, “it’s all about the decisions you make and the actions you take, that lead you to your goals”.

Joe’s areas of expertise include accounting, taxation and business advisory.  He is dedicated to providing practical and insightful business improvement advice and enhancing his clients' ability to make informed decisions in order to reach their business and personal goals.

 “In my professional life my key ambition is to increase the business value and personal wealth of my clients, and make it easy to be in business”

In addition to his position at Northern Business Consultants, Joe is one of BNCC’s long-standing professionals. NBC founded the BNCC in 1996 and Joe has had an active role since its establishment, in recent years he has been the BNCC’s treasurer and secretary.

Through the BNCC, Joe has been able to network with like-minded business-people, as well as assist with community initiatives and events. As a committed and dedicated professional he also enjoys learning about other businesses and their business practices.

If you would like to connect with Joe today, please email joek@nbc.com.au or phone 07 3862 8777.

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