Three ways to reignite the spark with your business

Story contributed by Joe Kong, Northern Business Consultants (NBC).

A business can be likened to a new and budding relationship, the excitement, adrenaline and ‘newness’ is still there. However, after a while running your own business can become very mundane and repetitive. It is important to remind yourself every now and then why you fell in love with your business and reignite that spark.

Here are 3 ways that you can reignite the spark with your business:

1.    Outsource or delegate tasks that you don’t enjoy
There are many tasks in business that business owners do not enjoy doing, this is a common reason that people fall out of love with their business. There are a few ways to deal with this you can delegate it to another team member (if your business is big enough), you can outsource it to a consultant or for easy, routine tasks you could also consider using sites such as Fiverr or Airtasker.
2.    Take time to work ‘on’ the business as well as ‘in’ the business
When you take the time to plan your objectives and goals and assess how successful you have been in achieving these goals the meaning behind why you started your business will continue to resonate with you. This will help in showing you where the business is going and assist in making your roadmap to get where you want to be. You should set time aside in your calendar, at least weekly to review your plan and track your progress in achieving these goals.
3.    Join a professional networking group with enthusiastic and motivated members

Being around likeminded individuals will help you understand why you like doing what you do so much. They can also assist in giving different viewpoints and ideas about your business. This energy will be contagious and help to revive the enthusiasm for your own business.

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