$5,000 HR Grants for Small Business

The Workforce Connect Fund provides funding to small businesses with an immediate need for new and innovative human resources (HR) solutions to support their business.

Up to $5,000 is available for HR support and advice for small buisness (subject to funding availability).

Eligible activities

  • Engaging with HR specialists to receive advice and coaching to improve workforce issues
  • Specialised recruitment strategies or practices to attract and retain underutilised or specific cohorts
  • New workforce systems or tools that promote human resource support and resources accessible to employees and change the current workforce operations of a business
  • Other new and innovative approaches that support workforce attraction, retention or participation

Who can apply

To be eligible, small businesses must:

  • Have an active Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Be registered for GST
  • Demonstrate their principal place of business is in Queensland
  • Have fewer than 20 employees (by headcount)
  • Have an annual turnover of less than $10 million
  • Demonstrate that at least 50% of the business's income is generated directly from the business (i.e. not solely investments or government funding)
  • Declare that owners/directors are not insolvent or undischarged bankrupt

Additionally, small businesses must have engaged with an Industry Workforce Advisor and developed a Workforce Plan that identifies an immediate need for new and innovative HR solutions to support its workforce to be eligible to apply for this grant.

For More Details

Need Some Help? 

The BNCC has some fantastic businesses who are our members. If you would like to be connected with one of our member businesses to supply HR or other eligible services under the grant, check out our members page, or reachout to enquiries@bncc.com.au for an introduction. 

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