Become a NightOwls sponsor!

Are you seeking a unique platform to share your industry insights, innovative products, or regulatory changes that could impact our thriving business community?

If so, we invite you to consider sponsoring one of our NightOwls meetings.

At Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce, we host nine NightOwls meetings annually, each offering a distinctive blend of networking, learning, and collaboration. As a sponsor, you will gain the privilege of delivering a 15-minute educational presentation during a meeting. It's an unrivalled opportunity to engage directly with our members, sharing your knowledge, experiences and passion in a way that resonates with them.

Whether you're introducing a groundbreaking product, shedding light on changes in regulations, or simply sharing your expertise on a topic you believe will interest our members, you'll be contributing to the collective wisdom of our chamber community.

Remember, our NightOwls meetings are not just about presentations; they're about sparking conversations, fostering relationships, and building stronger ties within the business community. By becoming a sponsor, you're not only sharing your insights but also supporting the growth and development of our vibrant community.

Interested in this unique opportunity? Please express your interest by reaching out to us at events@bncc.com.au.

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