Dale Carnegie Training creates an unstoppable workforce

Dale Carnegie training is famous for igniting workplace enthusiasm, which leads to stronger engagement scores.

All companies are looking for a competitive advantage in a softer market, and with products and services being similar to most suppliers, how does your company and your team differentiate itself?

It’s the individual integrity and abilities of smart people to engage with your customers on a day to day basis. We all know that customer service is important, and can make a big difference on our future earnings if executed well, but if your internal customers – your people, are not engaged then the chances are that your company is living way below its full potential in many areas.

Dale Carnegie wrote the world famous book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, said that enthusiasm is the little known secret of success. What Dale Carnegie has been doing lately is making sure that enthusiasm is not only just an individual endeavour, but the heart and culture of progressive organisations.

Recently William Farmer (Managing Director for Dale Carnegie Australia) worked with the top 100 Executives of Arthur J. Gallagher after they purchased Wesfarmers Insurance. For Arthur J. Gallagher this was a major acquisition, hence newly appointed CEO Steve Lockwood needed a vehicle with a solid reputation for getting results with high performing teams.

It is not enough to improve individual performance any longer, and with only 33% of employees engaged in the Australian workforce, the financial and creative potential of companies are massive if leaders could only unlock their staff’s willingness to contribute to their fullest power.

There are many companies trying to mimic the successful tools of Dale Carnegie, which is a compliment to the global organisation that now has 9 million graduates. But when we are seeking authenticity we should go to the source as Warren Buffet once said:

“It is vital to be able to communicate with others. It adds at least 50% to your value. I took the Dale Carnegie Programme and it changed my life.“ – Warren Buffett from his BBC Interview “World’s Richest Man”

Longevity in the training space is not something Dale Carnegie training is willing to rely on, as the introduction to Quantum computing start to eat away a lot of our workplace functions, our survival will be the ability to collaborate and solve new business problems as teams, and that requires engaged employees.” - William Farmer

Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce and Green Associates invite you to an interactive workshop (valued at $250 per person) conducted by world famous Dale Carnegie Training. Free for members. Non-members welcome at $35/person.

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