Free Classes and Discount Offer for BNCC Members

BNCC Member Studio Pilates Hamilton has a great offer exclusive to BNCC Members

We are delighted to invite members of Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce to be part of the Studio Pilates Hamilton community. That’s why we’d like to invite you and your team to enjoy a few classes on us! Receive 3 complimentary classes valued at $81.

We love our local community. And we want you to enjoy your first few classes, with our compliments. That’s three incredible workouts at no cost to you.

Ongoing corporate rate to Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce

As an exclusive ongoing rate, we are offering your team 10% discount on our regular** class packages.

  • 10 classes usually $240 save $24 your rate $216
  • 25 classes usually $550 save $55 your rate $495
  • 50 classes usually $1000 save $100 your rate $900

The most fun you’ll have working out

Our intense, 40 minute reformer classes are set to high energy music, with a totally fun vibe. Clients walk away feeling energised and uplifted. Our glam workout space, complete with chandeliers, inspires and ignites.

Why it works

Each class is scientifically designed by physiotherapists, to ensure safe and precise movements sequenced in a particular way to get the results you are after, fast. We work the body on all planes of movement - sitting, lying and standing - so that muscles are worked from many different directions, boosting the metabolism and producing a total body transformation: long, lean muscles and flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, improved posture, and dramatically flattened abs.

Our highly trained instructors are there to support and motivate clients every step of the way.

Boost athletic performance

Studio Pilates can also dramatically assist athletic performance, focusing on strength, endurance, body alignment, coordination and balance, and breathe control, and offers the perfect training complement to a range of activities from swimming to cycling, running or triathlons.

An extensive timetable, to suit busy lifestyles

Our class timetable offers maximum convenience with six morning classes starting at 5am, lunch time classes, and four afternoon and evening classes starting from 4.30pm

Redeeming our offer

BNCC members simply need to phone the Hamilton studio to book their three classes.

They will need to use the code BNCC to activate the ongoing corporate rate, and use their corporate email address when they book their classes.

The offer is valid only at Studio Pilates Hamilton.

The link below will guide you to the Studio Pilates Hamilton web page, where employees can register their information as well as go online and book their ongoing classes. They can also book classes on their smartphone, simply by downloading the app to make booking their classes a whole lot easier when on the go.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Studio Pilates Hamilton.

We look forward to seeing you in our studio soon.

The information and offering contained in this message is provided by the BNCC as information only and has not been reviewed, endorsed or recommended by the BNCC in any way.

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