Were The Games Good For You?

With the Commonwealth Games now over, we’re keen to hear from members about what, if any, benefits your business derived from the event.

Did you notice an increase in tourist numbers or footfall? Was there more online traffic to yoursite? Did you notice more overseas enquiries? And what, if any, efforts/promotions did you make to take advantage of this significant sporting celebration happening in our region?

Major events can be good opportunities to capitalise on an increase in tourist numbers but one of the secondary benefits can also be the improvement in consumer confidence in a particular location.

Your feedback will help the chamber in our understanding of what sporting/cultural/community events we might like to see locally that could have direct or indirect benefits for northside businesses.

In addition, the feedback you provide will help us to gather and share best practice on how business can take advantage when major events come to town.

Please email you feedback on Were the Games good for you? to enquiries@bncc.com.au.

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