Fair Work changes. A better deal for Small Business?

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has just announced a series of reforms designed to improve support for small business.

The ‘What’s Next’ reforms follow a government report which called for action to reduce the cost and distress suffered by small business once they are served with an FWC application.
With the number of workers employed by small business actually declining over the past decade, there are clear concerns amongst many policy makers to reduce any disincentives for hiring.
Under ‘What’s Next’ small business can expect an improved triage of cases, agreed processing times and better access to information about awards.
Most significantly the commission will look to significantly expand the Workplace Advice Service to provide free legal advice to small businesses.
The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) welcomed the changes but said more still needed to be done.
ACCI CEO James Pearson said further reform was needed in terms of clearer and simpler Fair Work laws as well a change to liabilities which better reflect the capacities of small business.
“Changing processes, information and administration can only fix part of the problem. 
“The Fair Work Act still assumes most businesses are large and well-resourced. The reality is almost 60% of small business owners are paid $50,000 or less, well below the average of most Australians.”

Further information about the Fair Work Commission’s ‘What’s Next’ plan can be found here.

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