Be On Alert

Scams are costing Australian businesses millions of dollars. Last year the ACCC had more than 160,000 reports of scams with cybercrime jumping by almost 30%.

While scams through emails, social networks, and websites often grab the headlines, it’s phone scams which are still the number one threat.

Whether it’s through voicemail or direct calls one of the biggest crimes over the last 12 months is Tax Office impersonators.

Have you had a call recently from someone claiming to be from the ATO? The caller may not be who they say they are and many business owners have been targeted by what are often aggressive and hostile impersonation scams.

The scam usual involves a request for personal details and a threat of jail if a debt is not paid.

The ATO has recently sent out some information about how you can be better aware and protect yourself from these scam callers.

Perhaps you’ve had one of these calls and don’t know whether it’s the real thing? Here’s a link which helps you to verify and report scam.

The ATO also sends out an alert service which allows you to subscribe to their latest notifications regarding scams.

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