get to know .. richard comer

Richard Comer is the owner and founder of The Vehicle Broker.

An expert in finding new and used vehicles for individuals and business, The Vehicle Broker specialises in sourcing, aftermarket concierge and financing.

Richard began his career in hospitality and worked for more than 15 years in the food and beverage industry. He moved into car sales in the late 2000’s and Richard says it was this background and combination of careers that drove him to set up The Vehicle Broker.

“I have a passion for looking after people, but I also hate seeing people get ripped off. I decided to put those two things together, and that’s how The Vehicle Broker was born.

“I take care of the research, the sourcing and negotiating. Whether its personal, commercial or fleet clients, I enjoy making the process easy for people.

“On top of vehicle sourcing my business can also assist with supply of aftermarket accessories as well as various finance options for clients.”

As a member of the Chamber Executive, Richard takes a particular interest in helping to run and organise the annual Trade Show.

If you’d like to speak with Richard directly call 0434 104 005, email richard.comer@thevehiclebroker.com.au, or visit www.thevehiclebroker.com.au

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