The Cash back App

The Cash Back App is Australia's newest e-Wallet rewards program designed to help businesses flourish and keep customers coming back for more.

Business listing with the Cash Back App can get:

  • More New and Repeat Customers
  • Viral Mobile Marketing
  • Zero Transaction Fees
  • Residual Income
  • Reduced Business Costs

The Cash Back App is now up and running and BNCC members were recently given a special briefing on how the mobile-based customer loyalty platform works.

The App technology promises zero transaction fees and allows merchants to offer a discount on their products which is then transferred into the customer’s mobile wallet.

The cash back can then be used for future purchases with a percentage of each discount being donated to the customer’s nominated charity.

In addition if you or your customers share the App you then receive a commission through the App’s tiered affiliate program.

The App’s developers believe businesses can reduce costs, maintain loyalty and build their customer base through the platform.

To download the app click this link.

Merchants interested in taking up The Cash Back App face a one-off up-front payment for the point of sale kit.

To find out more about how your business can be involved contact BNCC President, Simon Penrose - 0438 807 114 / president@bncc.com.au. Click here to find out more about The Cash Back App.

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