Meet Robert King

Robert King is the founder and owner of Integration Kings, a business systems consultancy which provides cloud integration solutions for small to medium businesses. 

A cloud integrations consultant with a background in accounting, Robert says he understands the needs, anxieties, and obstacles faced by small business owners:

“I have a passion for helping small business owners adapt and transition in the ever-changing landscape. 

“My experience in both the Cloud Computing and Accounting fields allows me to effectively match a customer's needs with products and applications that will enhance all aspects of their business.”

Robert recently sponsored and presented at BNCC Night Owls where he outlined some of the latest app technologies for business and the benefits and efficiencies they can deliver.

Integration Kings provides a holistic, hands-on approach to business consulting, empowering you with the tools you need to take better control of your business. Their trusted advisors look at all aspects of your business operations and implement processes and cloud-based systems that work harmoniously.

To contact Robert directly 0423 354 165, email rob@integrationkings.com or visit www.integrationkings.com

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