Introducing Justin Hogg

Justin Hogg is the owner and founder of accounting solutions firm, Right Source.

With over twenty years’ experience across mining, aviation, petroleum, hospitality and financial services, Justin aims to help businesses to better manage their fiscal performance.  

“Our approach involves to getting to know each client's business requirements, and then finding the most effective way to strengthen their current practices.

“Put simply, our aim is to help prevent businesses from running out of cash.”

Justin is an advocate for strong corporate governance, keeping solutions simple and, most importantly, bringing people together in highly effective finance teams. 

He is also passionate about driving change in the expectation of what an accountant is and does. 

“I want to shine a light on the achievements of those exceptional accountants among us and, at the same time, raise the bar on what we expect of and from accountants.”

To contact Justin directly call 014 896 696, email justin.hogg@rightsource.com.au or visit www.rightsource.com.au

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