Home Office Electrical Safety

We’re living in ‘interesting times’, when it is easy to be stressed and depressed. COVID-19 seems to be taking over the entire world as we know it, and many people suddenly have to work from home to try to limit personal interaction.

In fact, companies around the whole world, from Google and Microsoft to Salesforce and Spotify, are introducing mandatory remote work policies. Indeed, working from home may be the new normal for the foreseeable future now that the World Health Organization has announced that the coronavirus has officially reached pandemic status.

Under State and Federal legislation employers have a “Duty of Care” to ensure the workplace is safe, AND if you are being asked to work from home…. this includes the home office.

If you’re working from home like half the country seems to be at the moment, the question is, are you set up for it??!! Especially for the long haul….. Some things you need to consider for a safe and efficient workspace:
• Appropriate Lighting 💡
• Suitably located Power Points or USB charging points 🎛
• WiFi hubs or Hard-wired Internet points 🔌
• Air Conditioning ❄
• Safety Switches and Smoke Alarms

If you have been directed to work from home the obligation of your employer to provide a safe workplace still applies... and some small changes to your home workspace can make a huge difference! It will also be tax deductible!

Chris Lehmann
Tradesmen on Time

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