Covid Assistance For Business Owners

Over recent weeks a range of measures have been announced by all levels of Government to support those businesses impacted by lockdowns.

If you are an employer you can now apply for a grant if you were impacted by the South East Queensland lockdown which ran from 31 July through to 8 August. 

Those firms with payroll less than $1.3 million can apply for $10,000 while those with payroll up to $10m can apply for $15,000. Large tourism and hospitality focused businesses with payroll over $10m can apply for $30,000.

Be sure to use the online eligibility checker before applying. The government has confirmed all eligible businesses will receive funding. 

Applications will remain open until 16 November 2021.

Non-employing sole traders can also apply for $1000 grants. For information on who can apply and how to apply click here. 

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