Are You An Australian Owned Business?

Northside businesses can now apply to be officially certified as 'Australian Owned'.

There is no cost to apply and applicants are assessed and approved by the Australian Owned compliance team. This process ensures that business which apply for the licence have credible Australian-ownership.

A star-rating system demonstrates to which extent a business is Australian Owned and whether it can display the official logo or a certificate to their customers.

The Australian Owned organisation says the purpose of the initiative is to not only support the Australian business community and help rebuild the economy but to bring about the change that is needed to strengthen local communities with jobs and investment and contribute to the long-term prosperity of Australia

"We know that there has always been a preference by the Australian public to support locally owned businesses, however, there has not been a clear-cut way of identifying them amongst confusing marketing campaigns and sometimes misleading claims from companies.  For this reason, the licensee certification was introduced to communicate authenticity to consumers and businesses alike. A simple way to connect people to genuine Aussie-owned businesses capturing both products and services."

Further information about the Australian Owned initiative can be found here

if you'd like to be officially recognised as an Australian Owned business, simply click here to begin the application.

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