Supporting Each Other With Jacqui Barton

Jacqui Barton is the owner of All About You Health and Beauty.

Jacqui joined Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce in 2019 after spending several months exploring different networking groups across Brisbane.

‘I was looking for a group that offered events but not the stress and pressure of formal member commitments and referral quotas. Then one day I met Chris Jeffery from CyberGuru. Chris suggested I might like to try out a BNCC networking night.

‘So, I took up the offer and came along to Night Owls as his guest. Sure, it’s daunting the first time you go, but I quickly relaxed and discovered a great group of people, many of them small business owners just like me.

‘Two years down the track and I’ve enjoyed going to loads of chamber events, including my first social event where I was brave enough to jump in at iFLY. The Chamber has also enabled me to make dozens of new business contacts. I've developed a great business relationship with CyberGuru Chris who has helped both me and my family with our computing needs. 

‘BNCC has a fantastic cross-section of members from across the industry and because of that I’ve been able to meet and connect with people I may not have encountered in any other setting.

‘I’d recommend the chamber to anyone starting out in business and, as with all things, the more you go, the more you participate, the more you’ll get out of it.’


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