Make A Difference For Kids

Bravery Box is a Brisbane charity that supports kids and their families through an initial cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatments.

Make a difference in the lives of kids this Christmas through 96five’s annual Heart of Christmas drive, supporting the work of Bravery Box.

The Bravery Box has been a way to encourage and uplift kids undergoing cancer treatment, by offering a reward for bravery when faced with a painful or confronting procedure.

The charity was founded by Tanya Allen following her daughter Lara’s diagnosis with leukemia, and 800 days of chemotherapy treatment.  While Lara was undergoing treatment, Tanya noticed that there was a bravery box located in the Queensland Children’s Hospital that was stocked by hospital staff.

Often supplies would run low, so in 2017 Tanya and her husband David began a toy drive to ensure that the box would never run out of rewards to help when a child had been particularly brave during a painful procedure.

“Bravery Box gives the community a chance to support families who’ve had a childhood cancer diagnosis.” Tanya, Bravery Box Founder

Fast forward to 2022 and Bravery Box has expanded to not just supporting children, but also supporting the entire family.  They have seen first-hand that parents who feel supported, heard and hopeful are better able to help their child through cancer treatment.

Here’s how you can get involved.

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