Strategic business opportunities in the Asia Pacific

Article provided by Lord Mayor’s International Relations and Multicultural Affairs, Lord Mayor’s Administration Office

Are you looking to connect on a global scale or develop strategic business opportunities within the Asia Pacific region?

Join the Lord Mayor’s delegation and more than 1500 business and government leaders at the 2017 Asia Pacific Cities Summit (2017APCS) & Mayors’ Forum from 10 – 13 September in Brisbane’s sister city Daejeon, Republic of Korea.

The Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) & Mayors’ Forum is renowned for enabling global connections and helping businesses gain entry into key markets. As Korea’s hub of science and technology and home to 19 universities, Daejeon and the 2017APCS will be a significant launching pad for those looking to develop links in or expand into Asia.

The APCS is an initiative of Brisbane City Council that drives economic growth for Brisbane, South East Queensland, Australia and the wider Asia Pacific region. The APCS was first held in Brisbane in 1996 and has continued to run successfully for over twenty years.

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If you are a Brisbane business, government, industry or youth leader interested in joining the Lord Mayoral Business Mission to the 2017APCS, please contact the APCS Secretariat by Friday, 7 July by email at APCS@brisbane.qld.gov.au

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