New to business?

Know where to look for help

There are 2.1 million actively trading businesses in the Australian economy, with more than 1000 new ventures being started each month.

The numbers are staggering but no doubt reflect the low barriers to entry and the confidence many people now have in starting their own enterprise.

Getting started is just one hurdle. Making your business operational and viable over the long term requires considerable skill, passion and perseverance.

Unfortunately, what often brings business unstuck is overlooking the fundamental safeguards which will protect your business when you inevitably hit your first roadblocks.

At some point every business needs help with insurance, legal, IT, marketing and accounting support. The challenge is knowing what you should have in place when you start your business and what you need to start thinking about as your business grows.

A good place to start is the various checklists available online and in this regard the Australian Government and the Queensland Government and the Brisbane City Council provide handy guides for those starting out in business.

In addition, the chamber’s database is a good place to look for any area of support you’ll need to safeguard your business. The chamber also highly recommends that new members attend our Information Workshop for useful tips and advice for those starting out on their own.

Finally, the greatest resource we share is the considerable experience of fellow chamber members. Most of us have started businesses, made mistakes and learnt plenty of valuable lessons. The more we can share that knowledge the more successful we can become in business.

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