Are you ready for AMAZON?

Speculation is rife that Amazon, the world largest internet retailer, is only days or even hours away from opening its first Australian operation.

For local businesses, the impact could be significant. This no doubt depends on whether you view Amazon’s entry as an opportunity… or a threat.

The company has confirmed it will sell products directly out of its Melbourne-based warehouse as well as enabling third-party retailers to sell via its online marketplace.

For businesses looking to take advantage of the Amazon platform, selling via the Amazon Australia marketplace is reported to cost $49.95 per month plus a referral fee of anywhere from 6 to 15% of completed sales depending on the product category.

Amazon is aiming for a two-day turnaround on freight with reports that some electronic products have already started to appear on its Australian website www.amazon.com.au.

The official launch date is a closely guarded secret with significant media speculation of a late November or early December launch in the lead up to Christmas.

Amazon started in 1994 and has grown to become the world largest internet company (by revenue) and the 4th most valuable public company in the world. Amazon has more than 500,000 employees and in 2016 took in more than $135 billion in revenue.

BNCC is interested in hearing how its members are viewing Amazon’s imminent entry into Australian retail. Are you concerned about the impact on your sales or are you taking advantage of the opportunity to sell via the Amazon marketplace?

We’re keen to hear your thoughts.

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