Featured Member - Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA)

Need help hiring an apprentice or a trainee?

Margie Bradbury is the Queensland Manager of Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA).

A member of BNCC since April 2017, Margie’s organisation assists employers with a range of services including:

  • Recommendations on suitable qualifications
  • Advice on how to access Government funding for training
  • Help with matching and recruitment of new staff and 
  • Ongoing coaching, mentoring and support of apprentices and trainees.

Margie has worked in the Vocational Education and Training sector for more than 16 years and says ASA’s comprehensive approach to supporting business is designed to increase the number of people starting and finishing apprenticeships.

“ASA is a fantastic resource for business owners.

We offer free Workplace Appraisal regarding eligibility for all employees for the maximization of upskilling and funding; free mentor support for all apprentices and trainees; and industry updates regarding changes to funding eligibility.”

Margie says there are now hundreds of nationally recognised qualifications offered with funding under the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network and business owners can utilise these to upskill their workforce.

“Whether your business needs help hiring an apprentice or trainee, or you already have one and simply need assistance with potential government funding and incentives - we're here to help.

“Importantly our services are funded under an Australian Government contract and are provided at no cost to business owners.”

Margie is a passionate advocate for strategic workforce development; she provides advice to all levels of management and executive boards; and has worked with public and private sector organisations at a local, national and international level.

ASA employs more than 400 staff across 74 offices around Australia.

To talk with Margie about how ASA can support your business call 0408 902 725 or email margie.bradbury@australianbusiness.com.au


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